How do I export an eSampler loop?

I loaded a video into eSampler that has multiple horn hits, and I created a melodic and rhythmic loop out of those hits using the MIDI editor. Now I want to use the eConvert plugin to convert that loop into a HAP file so that I can get rid of the eSampler and just perform by triggering the HAP file in a clip with the eSession plugin. I can’t use Ableton’s Export/Audio video because it doesn’t read the eSampler video, and I can’t seem to use the eConvert plugin to turn my MIDI loop into a rendered video file. Is the only way to use syphon and then open the video file in FCP X and manually and painstakingly trim the start and end point so that it loops exactly as it did in Ableton?

HI hat,
Did you already try out the eComper? it has its limitations but it can make edits based on eSampler midi clips:
read more about it here:
Does that meet your needs?

Unfortunately, I can’t get the eComper to work. I keep getting the ‘data incomplete’ error.

I initially tried with a PhotoJPEG video in the eSampler (most of my raw video material is in this format - I only export to HAP when I have something I want to mix live with). But the eComper Max Window was suggesting that it failed due to one or more sources not being HAP. So I converted my raw video source to HAP, loaded the HAP video into the eSampler and created and selected a MIDI clip and clicking “Use Selected midi clip to make edit” in the eComper, and i’m still getting the Data received is incomplete error. Open Max Window only shows “eComper: retry”

Hi hat, sorry to hear that. I can’t reproduce this issue, the eComper seems to work fine here, so I need some more information to understand what is happening in your case. What OSX, Ableton and EboSuite version are you using?

  • can you mail us a screenshot of the Max window (to open this window, right-click on the title bar of an EboSuite plug-in and select ‘Open Max Window’, see above)?
  • can you send us the video and the Live set you are using to, so I can recreate your situation?