How Can I Randomly Trigger a Track Transform Via MIDI Note On?

Been trying to find a way of randomly triggering a 180 degree track transform when any MIDI note is received. I’ve looked at a zillions M4L devices and haven’t found anything that will do what seems like a simple task.
Ideally a device could work in two possible ways.

  1. randomly toggle a device (e.g. eTrackTransform) active button with each incoming MIDI note on.
  2. randomly modulate eTrackTransform’s rotation parameter with a set value on receiving a MIDI note on.
    The modulation source only has to randomly choose between a 0 or 1 or two set values.

The LFO10 device (and others) comes close if the Binary Random Waveform is used but it can’t be set to trigger on receiving a MIDI note - only sync to a beat or a rate in Hz. Values then have to be tweaked to achieve 180 degree rotation when triggered.