Granular playback VIDEO

Hi guys,

messin around with the granular playback mode of the eSampler, very interesting.
but i understand that it makes possible the granular processing only on the AUDIO and not on the video part of the file.
i think it will be very interesting (not in every situation but of course sometimes) to be able to link audio&video information and to process both simultaneously with the granular synthesis. even because otherwise you’ll lost the sync between video and audio.
in fact, i’ve noticed that in the tutorial video of the granular mode, when you raise up the processing the “speed” parameter it’s linked with the changing, isn’t so?

Yes, only the playback speed is synced to the video. Other parameters, like position randomness and grain size, are not synced. That is something we would like to add in a future update. You can visualize the effect of these parameters with eFX (make sure to check out the eFX-ISF as well). That is how I visualized the grain effects in the tutorial video.

yes, i understand, and that’s a great result. but i would be very intrested in have a complete “sync mode” that can granulize both audio and video, so hope it’ll be possible in the future.
thnx for all

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