Give us a bit of freedom!

Are you going to let us/help us create our own plugins or what???

all you need is max and you can pretty much do what you want.
keep in mind this is a plugin into ableton.

@gavspav What kind of help do you need ?
@tunnelsurf: yes, Max and Max for Live are a fun way to start with developing your own audiovisual tools!

Thanks for getting back to me Jeroen.
I’ve had a quick look at the Max files.

What does the vt object do? There is no help file for it. Is it responsible for passing the timing data to the Ebosuite app?
If not how is that data passed? And is there some kind of protocol
How does the Syphon feature work - does it use Jitter to play the video file or does it tell the Ebosuite app to syphon it out? I’m wondering about the best way to enable video effects.

I’m asking because I made a video version of the buffer shuffler plugin once - shit 9 years ago! - and I’d love to make this work with Ebosuite.

Also curious about how the video triggering is optimised in Ebosuite!

In the Max window when I opened the eclips I get the following warning in the Max window: poly~ nopatcher/eControl.maxpat - is this important?

I haven’t done any of this stuff for a while because the workflow is such a nightmare but Ebosuite seems to make it alot less painful. Still early days but thanks for opening it up at a reasonable price!