Getting audio with VideoIn (using ios device)


I’m attempting to include the audio using the Ebosuite VideoIn plugin with a ios device. It doesn’t seem possible, but I’m not sure if I’m missing something.

Loving the latest update!


  • Matt

Hi Melton, you are right, you can only receive the video signal from an iOS device with the eVideoIn plug-in. Cheers, Jeroen

Hi Melton,

using Epoccam (see link below) I can receive video and audio from my ios, through wifi or usb.
After install each app on ios device and mac, I see EpocCam available in eVideoIn scrolling menu.

It’s a paid solution but fully functional to my use.

To use sound, you will have to select EpocCam as audo in in Ableton preferences.
Perhaps you already have another audio, and don’t want to go without. In that case you need to set up a virtual audio device to aggregate your usual audio in and the EpocCam, then you can select this virtual audio device as input audio in Ableton Live.

Hope this help.