Full Screen Output Issues

Hi guys,

Happy new year! I’ve had an issue going full-screen in Ebosuite since day one. I just grabbed the latest version and I’m still having the issue:

I’ve got a laptop and I’m going HDMI out to an external monitor that I use as my desktop/Ableton view. When I tell Ebosuite to go fullscreen out to either my laptop LCD, or this external monitor, it goes into fullscreen, but makes the other monitor go black.

Am I missing something? Is there some other general setting outside of Ebosuite maybe I’m missing? I don’t have this problem with other multi-output apps like Resolume.



Hey Robotkid
Happy 2019

settings can be a bit tricky to make things work …

Im working with SwitchresX … is not at all expensive 14 Eu and makes your settings way easier, when you found the right setup , you can save it and there’s a lot to experiment with.
once your presets are set works like a charm.




Hi Robotkid,
This issue occurs when in the ‘Mission Control’ OSX preference pane ‘Displays have separate Spaces’ is disabled. Can you enable this option and try again? I hope this solves your issue.

YESSSSS there it is! I knew it was in there, buried deep in a weird other menu…just forgot which one!



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