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Hi all at Ebosuite

I have been using Ebosuite for a month or so now and in the main I have found it to be amazing, thank you.

I am building a live performance set in Live and the last piece of the puzzle is adding in the visuals using Ebosuite. I have ran into a few issues while doing so, I will list them here.

Please note - I am not complaining, the software is great and exactly what I had been looking for! This is just a bit of feedback and maybe I am doing something wrong at my end in which I can be pointed in the right direction.

  1. My original plan was to make an Instrument Rack with 8 chains, each chain containing a drum rack with eSamplers on between 16 and 64 drum rack slots.
    I wanted to map the Drum Racks on/off button plus fx parameters to a midi controller to 8 macros. Turning off drum racks that weren’t currently in use to save cpu.
    As soon as I grouped one eSampler drum rack to an instrument rack things started to act strange. My clip was no longer triggering the sequence that I had programmed, it began triggering different eSampler slots randomly.

  2. I was trying to use follow actions for eClips but could not get things to work.

  3. Within my eSampler drum rack clip, I added automation to a load of parameters in the eSampler via the clip envelope - Attack/Decay/Start etc. I have 32 eSamplers in the drum rack and made adjustments to all 32 to give a bit of randomness to the visuals. When I triggered my clip after making the adjustments the cpu meter went from 15% to between 40 and 50%. I cleared all automation on the clip and the cpu went back to a steady 15% again.

When adding automation to eFx parameters everything works fine and I’ve not had any issues.

Here is the spec of my laptop -
MBP 2014, 2.5GHz Intel Core i7.
Memory - 16GB 1600 MHz DDR3.
Graphics - NVIDIA GEForce GT 750M 2GB
Intel Iris Pro 1536MB

Hope you can help with any of the above :grin:


I have encountered another issue today.
My live performance set consists of 8 tracks, and 8 separate Ebosuite tracks providing visuals for each track. Each Ebosuite track is a drumrack made up of a bunch of eSamplers, at least 16 eSamplers per track.

My intention was to use the Max For Live device - Green Switch to save CPU. Meaning, when I am done with Ebosuite Track 1, I can turn it off to save CPU, then when I am done with Ebosuite Track 2, I can turn that one off to save CPU and so on…Green Switch gives you the ability to turn off all instruments and fx on a track.

My problem is as soon as I turn off other unused Ebosuite tracks, it affects the current used track. Clips no longer continue to play.

Apologies if I have not explained this very well!

Hi Craig,
Thanks for kind words, ideas, comments and questions.
Let’s take it step by step:

  1. Drumracks with eSamplers in Instrument racks are not supported, we will try to support more complex routings in the future. Every track can now play 1 video at the same time. Aside from that Max for Live has a few issues when enabling/disabling in combination with automation. (I even have disabled this for some devices to prevent weird situations).

  2. That was indeed something that didn’t work yet, the messages received from Live in this case where a bit puzzling, but I think I solved it. Expect this feature to be in the next release.

  3. yeah, heavy automation can increase the cpu quite a bit. This holds for every Live device and especially for max for live devices. CPU wise I would also advise you to use eSimpler where possible.

  4. I am not familiar with the ‘Green Switch’ device, but I think I understand what it does after a quick search. But, I don’t understand your issue yet: what is ‘it’ in the sentence ‘it affects the current used track’ ? Can you maybe make a quick screengrab to show the issue? thanks


Hi Timo

Thanks for your thorough reply!

On points 1 and 2, thanks for clarifying.

  1. I will try using an eSimpler rack in place of my eSampler rack today :ok_hand:

  2. I will add a screenshot of what it is I’m trying to achieve. I tested things again this morning and it seems the Green Switch device is causing the issues. When I deleted all instances of Green Switch everything ran smoother.

What I am trying to achieve and hopefully you will see this from my screenshot, is to have 8 Ebosuite tracks.
Basically 8 visual tracks to go along with the 8 audio tracks I have pieced together in Live.
I would like to have the ability to quickly turn on and off all Ebosuite devices within tracks that are not currently being used.
So, when I am playing out Track 1 of my live set, Ebosuite Track 1 is active along with its devices and eFx.
I would like to have all Ebosuite devices on Ebo Tracks 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 turned off when not currently needed.
It makes a big difference on CPU to have unused devices turned off as you know. I am probably missing a real obvious way to overcome this issue. I’m just looking for a way to turn off devices on tracks that are currently not in use. Instrument racks are the usual method for this - mapping the device on/off button, but since Instrument Racks are not yet supported I am searching for a workaround.

Thanks again for your help, it is much appreciated!


Hi Timo

As mentioned in point 3, I built a drum rack using eSimplers. I stuck to using 16 slots only for Ebosuite Track 1 in my Live set. All worked ok, no glitching or issues with plenty of automation running on eFx.

I then tried to do the same thing on Ebosuite Track 2. This time things did not run smoothly. Glitching occurred and caused Live to hang. It seems like having instances of Ebosuite side by side in different tracks causes glitching to happen. I will post a video of the issue I came across.

Thanks again. I will keep investigating the issue!


Ebosuite (2.4 MB)

Hi Craig, thanks for getting back.
I will add it to the to do list to investigate how to support disabling the processing of devices without the aforementioned max for live bugs messing it up.

I am very interested into seeing what caused the flickering of the device in your set, I haven’t seen this before. I will send you a list to the current beta version, can you check if it is still an issue there? If that’s the case let’s dive deeper in what is going on.


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