Flickering using webcams only in EboSuite

First off, very unique and incredible software! I can’t imagine the time and energy dedicated to EboSuite and it is stellar. I have been dabbling with the trial and have a unique problem. I am using two webcams (Logitech Brios) in Ableton as eVideoIn with an eOutput on the master running into OBS.

Basically, I have flickering in EboSuite when the webcams are in ‘Widescreen’ view within Logitech’s Camera Settings app. I don’t get the flickering in ‘Standard’ view and I have updated the webcams to the latest firmware. I have tried recreating the flicker just in OBS and I can’t recreate it.

Please advise as I will definitely pull the trigger and authorize the software if this can be resolved. Thanks in advance!

Hi @jaredburkhalter, thanks for nice words and trying out EboSuite!

We’d need a bit more info to debug this issue, hope you don’t mind helping us out.

What happens if you try to set the resolution manually through the eVideoIn device?
Select Resolution->Custom->[Enter resolution, for example 1920x1080]->(Request)


Hi, I’ve tried the each of the drop down presets and get the same flicker, even on medium and low. My desired resolution is 1280x720, which I’ve tried with custom as well.

Hi, thanks for your feedback.
Sorry to hear it didn’t resolve the issue.

Do you see flickering in the Preview window of the capture device, in the main EboSuite output, or both?

Would it be possible to make a screen recording showing the issue and send it to us via PM or wetransfer to contact@ebosuite.com?