First Ebo Sketch

Here was my 1st Ebo sketch I made in a night months ago…forgot to post it until now! This was really easy and fun to make. Thanks guys! :grinning:


hey, tnx for posting this, robotkid. I am digging and assuming you’ve got a lot more to share! How’s your experience been with Ebo to date? Still using? I must admit I’ve been somewhat checking out from sidelines still as when I search youtube video, or even through these logs on Ebo site, I’m not seeing a lot of community embracement. Maybe along with this sketch you might add a couple stills of your setup and Ableton workflow?

Thanks! EboSuite is something I’ve wanted for close to 20 years. I still use it often, just never get the time to dive much deeper than what i did in this clip. As far as community engagement, I think AV work is getting more popular all the time, but doing musical cutups of video (which is what EboSuite excels at) is still a pretty niche art form.

The rhythmic chopped up stuff here was accomplished by making a Drum Rack of Ebo Samplers. I usually bring in a long clip into a single sample slot in a Drum Rack, set my sample start point, then copy that sampler to a new rack slot, and choose a new start point. I do this a few times until I have 8-10 slots in my Drum Rack filled up, then I start jamming on those in real time with a midi controller until I’ve made some “video beats” i like as Midi Clips.

For the singing stuff, I just had a separate track with her as a sample, then set it to “pitched” and played the notes up and down on my keyboard.

The big thing to add here is that to record this mix properly out to a new file I used 2 crucial other apps:

Syphon Recorder:



Loopback allows you to record from one app to another internally on your mac. Syphon Recorder will record audio & video from any app that is Syphon-enabled.

Hope that gives you a better sense of the workflow. Let me know if you have more questions!



Thanks for sharing Josh! Love it! :grinning: