Feedback plugin

just having a muck around with the feedback plugin in v1.51

in the 1.51 manual it looks like this

but in my session it looks like this

should they look the same?

Hi Clay, the controls change when you select a different mode. Try to select the same mode (‘wipeside’) and see if it looks the same now.

thanks Timo. doh, i should have realised. will check it out!

Hi Timo

im trying to get this type of effect - a video feedback loop- where the image repeats and you get those trails.

its not seeming to work for me when i put efeedback on the master. does this plugin do that?

hi clay, no sorry, the behaviour you want is not yet possible. Currently you can combine the previously rendered frames with the current one in various ways, but this does not include rotation and change of scale/position. We will hope to include this in the future.

Hi Clay,
although it’s not possible to achieve this directly using eFeedback plugin, you can still do it if you go through eSyphon:
Use one track with eSyphon in and all the effects you want on it(zoom/blur/tint) as a background, and put an eSyphonOut on the master.
Please have a look at this screenshot on how to set it up:

And let me know if you need further help in setting it up:)

best wishes,

great! i will try that. I was thinking i could just do it old school with a camera :wink: but i think what you are suggesting is essentially the same thing. thanks for the tip.

Hi Nesa

i got it working. its awesome!

thanks for taking the time to post a workaround :smile: