Extreme CPU usage in Ableton caused by Ebosuite

Dear Ebosuite developer team,
Since I purchased Ebosuite, I have been using it without issues, maybe some 3-4 months.
I had 4 Evideo in feeding my 4 cameras in high quality, although the CPU usage increased about 20%, It was still something I could work with.
However recently, having Ebosuite loaded into the project increases the CPU from 20% without it, to more than 80%. It is a slow rise to the top, followed by sometimes by a crash.
To exemplify, I deleted all Ebosuite tracks and just loaded an Eclips on 1 audio track of my project, with one mp4 on a clip. The CPU usage started increasing as I mentioned before, reaching around 70-80%, creating sluggish response from my system. Even after deleting this audio track and quitting Ebosuite app, the CPU usage of Ableton continues on this 70% level (I must add that the transport is not engaged). I must restart Ableton to get to normal levels-.
I have downloaded and installed the latest update, rebooted my computer, and nothing seems to avoid this issue.
It is clearly a bug of some kine, I would very much appreciate any comments or fixes you may suggest. As it is currently unusable.

Just to add to the post above, my system:
Ableton Live 11.02
MacBook Pro 2019
2,3 GHz 8-Core Intel Core i9
16gb Ram
AMD Radeon Pro 5500M 4 GB graphics

Hi Alfonrock,
Sorry to hear that. Let’s try to find out what is happening en get you up and running asap. Do you have these problems since you are using Live 11? Can you try the same scenario in Live 10? Does that make a difference?