eVideoIn unpredictable and laggy

Hey Forum!

Not sure if its eboSuite, my OS, or hardware. Will list specs below.

When using the built-in Web Cam, eVideoIn works fine. But that camera is a 720p grainy facetime camera. Not good.

When I connect my iPhone, the picture quality is much better but very laggy and jumpy.
Is my graphics card too weak? How can improve this?

iPhone 11
Late 13 MBP ( 8 GB Ram, [CPU] 2 Gh quad core i7, [GPU] Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB)

iPhone Camera app, ProMovie vid app (low or high-res, doesnt matter: laggy)
EboSuite 1.71
Catalina OS

Here’s what I’ve discovered:

-VideoIn quality for me maxes out at 720p 30fps. So adjust camera app settings.
-Move your most used ISFs to the Masters.
-any plug-ins that can do the job of two, go ahead and automate the changes.

In my case, I had reoccurring duo-tone and monotone with a smooth cross-fade in between. Realized the duotone was too subtle and removed it. Moved the monotone the the master and automated it.

May have been a rookie mistake, but thought I’d share!

Hi Nneka,
Thank you for sharing your experiences. I think the CPU and GPU are part of your problem. The Intel Iris Pro is a pretty weak graphicscard. You could use an eGPU (external graphics card) to improve that. I have no experience with that, but there are EboSuite users that are using an eGPU and they sound pretty enthusiastic.

ISF’s can be demanding for the graphicscard, depending on the visual algorithms it is using. Note that the resolution of the video source the ISF is operating on determines the resolution of the ISF. A higher resolution means more work for the GPU. So I think that for your graphicscard it is important to find the right ISF’s and to find the right resolution for the video source (make videos smaller or use lower resolution camera input settings for example).

When you add an ISF on the master track it will use the resolution of the output window. So if that resolution is lower than the resolution of the video source, it will be less demanding for the graphicscard.