eSyphon with Isotonik World Viewer and eFX


I’m putting together a set that combines EboSuite eSampler video triggering and Isotonik World Viewer audio visualisation devices using eSyphonIn. I have a chain of master video effects on the master channel that I’m using to add video effects to both the eSampler and eSyphon outputs. Most of the video effects are working fine on both but I’m having some issues with some of the eFX not always affecting the eSyphonIn input. In particular I’ve had issues with eFeedback, RGB shift and polygonize, all on the master channel.

Do you have any advice on this?



Hi MNDMTH, that is interesting. We’ll look into that and I’ll get back to you.

I’ve finally managed to get it all working. I think it may have had something to do with the fact I had used clips to automate the “device on” button on various devices when changing scenes including some of the world viewer devices. I’ve now changed the way I’m doing this and, in the case of the world viewer devices, I’m automating the “device toggle” button instead of “device on” if I need to switch a device on and off. It seems to have solved the problem.

Previously I was also having issues with some of the visuals from the world viewer plugins not showing up in either the World Viewer or Ebo Suite window when I launched a saved session, even though they were working fine when I saved and closed it. The changes I’ve made also seem to have resolved this.

However let me know if you experience any similar issues and, if so, any particular things I should avoid doing when trying to get all these devices to work reliably together.



Hi MNDMTH, thanks for the extra info. We’ll get back to you soon. Cheers