Esiphonin trouble

Hello! Whenever I attempt to record video using eSyphonin, I get the error “There is already an video source device in this track, this device is disabled”. I’d love to get to recording some compositions, so any info is welcome. Thanks!

Are you trying to send the video output to another application, like Syphon Recorder?
You should use the eSyphonOut plug-in then.

We’ve made a tutorial about how to record your composition. You’ll find it here:

Does that help?

Thanks so much for the response. I’m trying to track with the tutorial, but don’t see the same options. For instance, under eFX, I don’t even see the eSiphon he begins the process with.

Hi infradiggy.
The plugin is in the main EboSuite folder, not in the eFX subfolder.
Since that video it has been renamed to eSyphonOut. (because of the introduction of a syphon input device eSyphonIn).
I hope this helps