eSimpler + Simpler: Trigger mode video/audio issue with Filter

Hey all, I’ve noticed if I have an eSimpler + Simpler setup, and turn on Gate mode, the audio continues to play on its own sometimes. What I’ve figured out is if I turn off the filter, this fixes it. Just thought I’d mention in case anyone else is having the same issue.

HI meelan,
This sounds odd, the audio is completely handled by Ableton’s simpler and not related to eSimpelr and the filter should have no relation to that functionality either.
Does it also happen without the eSimpler? (or with another max for live device in front of the Simpler?).

Timo I actually made a mistake in my original post, I mean the error occurs when in TRIGGER mode.

If the filter is ON, and you momentarily tap the midi note, audio plays through (as expected) but the video will only play as long as the midi note is on. The audio is fine, it’s the video that is misbehaving.

Here is a recording of the issue Dropbox - IMG_3913.MOV - Simplify your life

Thanks for the update and clear video. It definitely sounds like a max for live bug. I am glad you have found a workaround and I will file this issue for future updates (not sure yet if I can do anything about it ).

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