eSimpler - Make videos play until the end

Hi there,

I was wondering how to make the videos play until the end, even if another key is pressed in the eSampler (drum rack)

Would it be possible to have them superposing each other with a blending mode ?

Thank you for your help.

Hi Cyril,

When triggering multiple eSamplers/eSimplers at the same time on a single MIDI track, the sound of all video samples will be audible, but only the video of the last triggered sample will be visible. When a sample is triggered while another sample is playing, the sound will be mixed in with the sound of the first played sample, but the video will interrupt the video playback of the first played sample. When the second sample is stopped while the first sample is still playing the video of the first sample will be visible again.

To show multiple videos at the same time you should load them on different tracks. Adjust the MIDI input settings of the tracks to control them on the same MIDI channel, so you can control them with the same MIDI clip or MIDI controller.

You can also use the ePoly plug-in to control multiple The ePoly plug-in distributes incoming MIDI notes over eSamplers/eSimplers on MIDI tracks to the right side of the MIDI track it is loaded on. This way you can control multiple eSamplers/eSimplers on different MIDI tracks at the same time to create harmonies. Because the eSamplers/eSimplers are loaded on different MIDI tracks you can combine them individually with eFX and an eTrackTransform plug-in to create a visual arrangement (polyscopic). Watch a tutorial about ePoly here:

Hi Jeroen,

Thank you for your reply. That helped a lot.


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Hi Cyril, no problem, glad to help. These things are mentioned in the manual as well (I copied most of the text above from the manual), so I think you will find many answers to your questions there. What do you think of the manual? Is it too detailed/comprehensive/technical, or will it be of help?