eSimpler doesn't load file from Simpler

I get some weird behaviour with the eSimpler. I got some files rendered in the HAP codec, don’t show up if i load it in the Simpler. When i load the same file in the eSimpler itself just works and it works also in a eSampler.
I tried with other codecs but gives the same behaviour. The weird thing that’s some files just work, and some not.
here is a file which gives doesn’t work as expected:


I had a problem with files which contained comas or weird sybols before. Try to erase “-” between the two words, it might work.

I just tested it. I have the same behaviour even by changing the name of the file. If I erase all the tracks and create a new one with esimple and simpler ( ebosuite closes and opens again ) it works.

Here is the test:

Hi Carlos and Aart,
Thanks for the reports!
On my system the file doesnt work when loaded in the Simpler as well. So that is a clear case that we will look into asap.
In Carlos’ screencap I see there is also an issue with the eSampler and this file (1:29-1:39). I wasn’t able to recreate that on my system and Aart doesn’t seem to have that issue either. So it is more difficult to trace what’s happening there. @Carlos: do you have time to tell us a bit more about that situation? Do you experience the same thing with the eSimpler? I will try some more to see if I can recreate it.

I think it might be a bug caused by the Live beta I use (10.1beta20)… I’ll try to do some more tests later today.

Thanks for helping us tracing that bug. I shall try it in 10.1beta20 as well.

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it is indeed a 10.1 issue, see more info here