Esampler release opacity?

I’m building an epoly instrument and I want the clips to fade out on key release rather than abruptly disappearing. How do I go about that? Thanks

sorry we missed this question of you on the forums, I just answered it there, but I will also put the answer here for completeness sake:

Hi Kacey, can you tell me a bit more about your setup? Do you control eSamplers with ePoly? if that’s the case I think then changing the adsr envelope (and turning on ‘Envelope to opacity’) might result in what you are looking for. so the sustain should be 100% then the Release will determine your fade out time.

This is of course in a situation where there is enough time to do that fadeout before it is re-used. Your ePoly settings will also determine how the voices are re-used. Let’s start with mode ‘up’ and stealing setting ‘oldest’. Does that result in a usable situation for you?