eSampler Mapping bug?

Is it possible that the mapping doesn’t work for Tune ?
When you activate mapping eSampler shows you what you can map … green squares

Start Pan Gain A D S R map ok
Sometimes you need to hit the map (on/off) again before it sticks to the mapping button.

Nothing problematic … just letting you know :wink:

Hi Franky
You Should be able to map the Tune controller as well, but you can only map it when it is enabled (a Tune Mode is selected, like ‘Basic’, see example below). You cant automate the Tune Modes (the pop-up menu).

In my case mapping always seems to work, I don’t have to hit on/off again. Could you maybe send a screen recording of a case where it doesnt work?

Correct Jeroen … Tuning was not enabled !!
And also I think I was clicking to low in the green area to activate mapping sometimes.
When I hit it more in the middle it works ok.

Im experimenting with EboSuite in all senses for the moment …
which leads to crashes of Live.
Is it handy to send you crashlogs of Ableton to learn from it ?

Yes, that’s interesting. Please write a short description of what action lead to the crash and send it to Thanks!