eSampler losing video file

Hi guys,
Working with a drum rack with 3 e samplers in it.
Yesterday i’ve Saved the project and today, when I’ve reopened the file, one of the eSamplers has “lost” his video file (audio is still there).
It happens sometimes.
If i redrop the video file into the esampler it works but some information has to be re-programmed (like, in this case, the length of the loop value).
Anyone has the same issue?
Sometimes it happen even when I change channels order (I was writing here on the forum this problem last year, and the situation has become better with the various update but sometimes still happens).

This sounds similar to some issues I have experienced so am following the thread.

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Sorry that you experience this, we haven’t seen it on our systems yet. Is it always lost when you open that set?
If so:

  • could you try if closing the Ebosuite app/window and starting it again fixes this issue?
  • could you sent the set to me so that I can take a look?


hi timo,
no, restarting the ebosuite app/window doesen’t fix the issue.
i’ve sent to you the set, let me know,