eSampler image size

Hello, how can I play with an image with eSampler and maintain the same proportion, for example, I create a 10x10 pixel imager in png format, when I shoot it through eSampler I get it on the whole screen. I would like to create an eSamplers drumrack and put in each one the images with the real proportion. It’s possible? regards!! :slight_smile:

Hi vds, currently the eSampler will automatically scale the image to fit the output screen. You can change the scale manually (or with a controller or automation) using the eTrackTransform plug-in. We will add your request to our feature request list!

Thanks for responding so soon, I think it would be important to be able to configure the scale and position X Y directly from eSampler


Oh! It would be great to get some eboman’s presets ( not only for a drumrack idea, in general too, with FX and stuff…) to allow us to get started with ideas in the ebosuite pack! ( should I put this on another “ideas” post?)

Hi, I will do that! I already prepared some projects.

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