eSampler - ADSR Maximum Stage Durations

Is there any away to increase the length of each stage of the ADSR in eSampler beyond 1 second without resorting to the MAX4Live Envelope plug to control track volume?
I would like to be able to fade In/Out MIDI triggered still images over longer durations without affecting any audio on the same track.

Hi Patto, sorry for the late reply. You can use the eFX-Fade plug-in to fade in/out tracks independent from the audio. Does that work for you?

That does the job - thanks

Actually - not really a great solution. The fade amount won’t be triggered by a midi note unless and Max Envelope plug is added. Would be much cleaner to just extend the max values in the eSampler ADSR

Also- can’t see any documentation explaining what parameters in the eft-Fade plug do e.g. Curve X

We should add a brief explanation of each eFX to the manual, I agree. We will do that when there is time for that. Thanks for pointing that out. We will add your request for longer ADSR times in the eSampler to the request list and look into it. Cheers