Error: esampler is not in the correct location

used ebosuite in a project saved the project and reopened it . got this error in my sampler devices and no video window launched. “error: esampler is not in the correct location” - if i drag a new instance of the sampler a video window launches but will not output tracks with error.

any thoughts . thx

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Did you use the ‘Collect All and Save’ option to save your project? That might have caused this issue.
When you use the ‘Collect All and Save’ option you should deselect ‘Files from User Library’, see the image below. The reason behind this is that all the EboSuite files need to remain in one folder.


thank you i relinked the devices to main ableton user library seem to do the trick.

may i suggest a dialouge or check box to leave these files in place. i generally like to keep all . my projects in 1 nice package would be cool if these can get copied into projects like audio files as things could get messy when having a session with both.

thanks really enjoying the demo so far. looking forward to the evolution.

Hi tunnelsurf,

Glad to hear that this solves your issue.

I do not fully understand your suggestion: do you mean to ask for support to enable the ‘files from user library’ option while using ‘collect all and save’?

We don’t support this at the moment for the following reasons:

  • the main part of EboSuite is the that is in the folder (but hidden to prevent clutter in Live’s browser), this will never be included with collect all and save
  • Ebosuite consists of many files that work together, disabling this option makes it much easier to make sure all files have the same version, this is to prevent conflicts after an update.

maybe we can think of a better solution for this in the future.


maybe something in the code to automatically keep those files where they are even if those collect and save all buttons are checked.

keep up good work!

Unfortunately Ableton does not allow that level of interference to how Live works, perhaps a script that replaces all frozen versions of EboSuite devices in a live set might be a viable option in the future…

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Hi, is there a way to relink the devices to the correct folder? i accidentally toggled the collect files fro user library, now they are not operational anymore.



yes if you go to your song file and trash the ebosuite folder that is created for that project and then restart your project that should do it

Hi NILS, we also made the eDecollect app to fix this, but i just released we need to update this for the latest devices released in 1.7, but it still works fine for most cases.

Thanks, i will look in to it.

ps please check page 60 of the manual how eDecollect works