Egroups Issue - differing resolutions

Hi There
I was playing a 1080p video on an audio track, and was working well. I have since grouped a bunch of audio tracks to use as the video part of my live set, and added another video on another track. The second video is 576p (5:4 aspect ratio). Now when I play the 1080p video, it is zoomed in. Is there an easy way to work with videos of different resolutions (and aspect ratios) on egroups?

Adding to this post. I tried ungrouping the tracks, making the 1080p video now on a seperate track. It is still zoomed in for some reason. Can the program not handle different source resolutions?

Hi Ayman, EboSuite is compatible with any resolution. I tried to recreate your issue, but everything seems to work fine here. Are you using any effects in your project? What EboSuite plug-ins are you using? If you send us your project to (assets not needed), we will have a look and check if we see anything unusual.

Hi Jeroen. Thank You. The issue seems to have resolved itself today. Its odd, there were no effects on that channel.
Thanks all the same

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