eFX sometimes work, mainly not work

Hi there. I use ebosuite in Ableton live 10.1.1 and have arranged some EFX on audio and midi track.
Mainly when I load them they work but for example if I save the arrangement and later on open it again the audio / video in ebosuite is playing but completely without the effects from EFX.

For example

  1. I load on one midi track the esampler, imported a file and everything plays fine in ebonite. Then I load a efx kaputt effect on it and made some arrangement on the effects. I see the effects on ebosuite.

  2. Than I save and close the project. Later on I open it again and still see the original video in ebosuite but without the kaputt effect.

Enclosed you find a screenshot of the arrangement. There you see in the picture the forest which should be with some effects from kaputt and you see the midi track with the arrangement of kaputt efx. But the effect is not seen in ebosuite.

How can this problem be solved?

Thank you

Hi Caspa, sorry to hear about your troubles

I am not sure, but I think this is related to an issue that I fixed for the upcoming 1.6 release. I think this will be released very soon. Can you please check if it is still an issue with that version?

(I don’t have an exact release date yet, please mail me at timo@ebosuite.com if the wait is too long and you want to try our beta version)