eFX on one track be sent to another track?

Hey there,

I’m looking to play one long video and as I hit the pads in the drum rack it triggers different effects like colour overlay or vibrating blur etc. I’m not sure what would be the ideal way to go about this, I think the heart of the question is can eFX on one track be sent to another track?



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Very interesting question, there are a few ways of doing it depending on personal priorities.

There was a discussion on facebook group recently on doing that in a very efficient way(having a bunch of eFX and then turning them on/off using a controller/another device etc), have a look here:

Slightly less efficient way would be to use eSyphon to route the video between tracks:
track 1: eClips+eSyphonOut
track 2: eSyphonIn + eFX
track 3: eSyphonIn + eFX
track 4: eSyphonIn + eFX

Next step would be to mute tracks 2-4, that should also be efficient(if a track is muted then it’s eFX should not be processed).

hope this helps and have fun with the EboSuite!

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Thank you for the quick response! I think I might have hit a roadblock, you can’t put eFX on a drum cell. :frowning:

What I have is 4 tracks with Simplers on them. They’re all armed simultaneously so I can play around with the stems of a song.

I thought of another solution.

  • Add a bunch of eFX in a group on the eClips track and map the Chain Selector to an LFO
  • On the Simpler with Drums, map an Envelope Follower to the Wet/Dry of each eFX.

Unfortunately the eFX don’t respect the chain selector and they all appear on at once. Any ideas?

Hi DJSwann,

Indeed, there can only be one ‘stack’ of eFX on a track (the issue of adding chains the way it is done with audio is quite complex). You can however automate the on/off state of an effect in an audio or midi clip. You can also group fx and turn the whole group on and off with automation or midi mapping.
I hope this helps