eFX-ISF Shape Mask

I’m using the ISF Shape Mask shader in an EboSuite project and want to create an oval shape mask.

The shader allows you to switch between triangle, rectangle, diamond and circle masks but the circle option only allows the height to be adjusted, not the width and so a wider oval shape is not possible. How would I modify the shader to allow this?

Also, is there a way to use other custom shapes as masks or even draw mask shapes?


Hi MNDMTH, we’ll have a look at that shader. But to make a wider oval shape you can also use the eFX-Shape plug-in. See the image below for the setting to create an oval shape. Does that help?

Thanks. I had actually been doing something wrong with the alpha setting in eFX-Shape which is why I used the other shader. Figured it out now. It would be great to have an option to create even more custom shapes too so if there’s a way to introduce that in future that would be amazing. Thanks!

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We should make the interface of eFX-Shape more intuitive, I agree. We will look into making a good masking shader, that would be very useful. Cheers!