eFX-ISF on Arranger

Manual says:

Adding the eFX-ISF plug-in to your Live set

To add the eFX-ISF plug-in to your Live set, just drag the plug-in from the eFX folder in the EboSuite folder in the User Library within Ableton Live behind an eClips, eSampler or eSimpler plug-in.

Is it possible to make this happen in arrangement view with eArrangement?

Any help appreciated.

Yes, you can use eFX-ISF plug-ins on a track with an eArrangement plug-in. That is a great way to manipulate video. You can use eFX-ISF plug-ins with any video source plug-in (eSession, eArrangement, eSampler, eSimpler, eISF, eVideoIn, eVideoReceive, eText).

In your quote the term ‘eClips’ is used. Are you using the 1.x manual? If you use EboSuite 2.0 (eArrangement), it is better to use the new manual: