eFX in Audio Effect Rack chain

Hi all. I’m trying to place several eFX in and Audio Effect Rack in different chains in the rack and setting the range different for each eFX. In theory, only the eFX in the range should show/affect the video. However, I notice that this doesn’t happen and all effects show, regardless of where the Chain Selector is located. I’d like to use the chain selector to select an effect. Screengrab attached.

HI Alex, indeed, that feature is not supported. Sorry for that.
To do that properly is quite a task since you can have multiple ranges active and you can blend them. The openGL implementation of this will be quite complex.

It’s something we would like to support somewhere in the future, but it is not on the direct todo list.

Thanks Timo. I’ve found a work-around to this that’s almost as good! Best wishes, Alex.

hi alex, can you share your workaround? it will be very useful.

Hi Massimo. I’ll have to look up what I did as this is a month ago - and I have a bad memory!

Was there ever an update on a chain selector or workaround?