eFX-BulgeTwist 'Twist' Knob GUI Bug

Hi Jeroen,

The eFX-BulgeTwist ‘Twist’ Live dial object isn’t visible in the GUI. The object is there in presentation view, functions OK and can be mapped, it’s just missing a visualised dial.

Strangely, the parameters in the inspector seem to match, as far as relevantly possible, to the other live.dial objects in the .amxd

All the best

Hi JTubhau, that is interesting. In my case it is visible in the GUI, but not visible in presentation and patching view. We’ll have a look at what’s happening. Could you send a screenshot of the GUI and presentation view in your situation? Thanks for reporting!

Here you go…

Wauw! What version of Ableton Live are you using?

I’m using 11.2.6 and non-bundled Max 8.5.2

The same centre point live.dial object appears fine in other ES devices that I’m using. I’m still new to ES though, so not tried everything :slight_smile:

Hi Jus,
yes indeed something glitched when freezing this max for live device, thanks for letting us know!
I think it is fixed now, can you try it with this version?

eFX-BulgeTwist.amxd.zip (241.7 KB)

Hi Timo,

Yes, appears to be fixed in the above zip version. Thanks so much!!!