Effects not working when grouped on master


Hey guys

I have an effects rack that I built for live sets that controls audio and Ebo effects and I just noticed that, when I load this rack into the master track, the ebo effects stop working. If I take them out of the group and put them on the track by itself they work fine. But for some reason putting them in a group disables them. Any suggestions on how to fix? Also, I have a set tomorrow so if you can suggest any work around ideas (or a max device that would allow me to control the effects outside the group with the same macro knobs from the grouped rack) in the next 24 hours that would be cool too :grin:

Thanks as always!


You could use MultiMap TS v1.1 ! http://www.maxforlive.com/library/device/1832/multimap-ts


Or this one http://www.maxforlive.com/images/screenshots/?ss=MultiMapper.jpg&id=1791


Thank you sir! Will check out. Nice stuff on IG btw :facepunch:t5:


Oh! Thanks for checking out my stuff :wink:


Thanks Owae, for the tips. Does that work for you, Willie? It is right that grouping doesnt work on the master yet. There are some technical hick-ups that prevent us from doing that. We are investigating that and hope to solve this soon in a future update.


Need to test with projector to make sure it doesn’t collapse under all the processing but so far so good! :slight_smile:


How is it going? Have a good show!


i know this is a bit late but Isotonik’s smart is very cool. you can control multiple parameters with one macro and change the envelope to make it curved or even a triangle. it can also map to parameters anywhere in the set. ive used it quite a bit.


Hey hey! Just updating show went way better than I expected. Owae’s tip worked out. It was visually a little messy in the session but as long as it works I’m good! Still trying to minimize chugging but I’m also on a late 2013 macbook pro when I do gigs so I think that’s more of a testament to how awesome Ebosuite is. :joy: Hoping to upgrade in the near future though! Again thanks for the help guys.


Great! In the next update grouping eFX on the master track works, so then you can make a cleaner session. :slight_smile: