eConvert not working for some videos

Hi everybody, I’ve run into an issue with eConvert - it works fine with most videos, but there are some that it just won’t convert - there’s no progress bar, the error message reads “Conversion finished unsuccessfully”. I’ve tried using AVF Batch Converter which does convert the file but then the video doesn’t play, just the sound… I’ve put two files on WeTransfer - one that works fine and one that can’t be converted: WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free The files are both H.264 (.mp4), I don’t know what the difference is and what the issue could be… Does anyone have an idea how I could solve that problem? Thank you! :smiley:

Kind of solved it myself. So I downloaded these from Youtube using Clipgrab and had left the file format on “original”. Just tried it again, this time manually choosing “MPEG4” and even though the codecs are “AAC, H.264” for both files, now eConvert works just fine :slight_smile:

One more update: I tried it with some more videos and am a little confused again. For example this video Do You Love Me? - YouTube only converts to hap when downloaded as “mpeg4” while this one Atlas Gets a Grip | Boston Dynamics - YouTube only works when I download it as “original” (both downloaded using Clipgrab). It’s not a big deal but still, don’t know what’s going on here. If anyone has an idea I’d be curious to find out why that is…

Hi Phil,
sorry for the late response, we were gone for a few days.
I have been trying to reproduce our issue with ClipGrab & eConvert, but I had issues with ClipGrab: it crashed a few times and the videos I got did not even playback with quicktime player.
Do your videos play ok with quicktime player?
(As a rule of thumb videos that do not playback properly in quicktime player will probably not convert properly).

We use iTube Studio or JDownloader with succes for downloading YT videos.

Can you resend the wetransfer? perhaps with the videos you mention in the last post (with 2 that work and 2 that don’t).


Hi Timo, thanks for your reply! I just wanted to upload the videos and quickly tried eConvert again - now all the videos convert seamlessly, no idea why (I haven’t updated or changed anything and these are still the same videos that didn’t convert a week ago…) I don’t know why but that’s good news and I think I’ll just switch to another downloader anyways just to be sure.

Thank you!


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