eConvert does not work properly

I drop a video file from the Finder into the dropzone in the eConvert’s interface,When the progress bar finishes running, there is no response.,how to solve this problem?

Hi cci,
Sorry for the late reply, your message got flagged by the forum and I had to approve manually before it posted.

That’s odd what you describe.
Does this always happen? What OS do you run it on?

A few ideas:

  • start with a short file located on the desktop and see if it works (it might be related to file permissions that you need to set properly)
  • if you have a particular file with an issue, please send it (e.g. via wetransfer) to
  • what you could also do is open the console message and filter all messages with the text ‘EboSuite’ and try another conversion. Perhaps something is printed there related to your issue.
    Let me know how it goes

I’m having the same issue. I found that the HAP file does actually get created in the Finder, but the eConvert plugin stays stuck in that state until I delete it and drag a new eConvert plugin back.

hi hat, is the hap file playable? and is any error printed in the max window (right click on max for live device and select ‘open max window’) or in the console as I described above?
Can you also try with a short file on the desktop? (see above)