Ecomper pops/clicks

Hey guys,

Noticed this today: When you eComp a midi clip that has lots of jamming in it, you can hear popping/clicking, which is either at the head or tail of sample playback.

Sounds like Ableton graciously adds a few millisecond fade on samples so they don’t do this, but the eComper does not?

Here’s an example. The 1st part is midi playback, the second is the eComp’d version of that midi:

Also, let me know if it would be more helpful to email these bugs rather than post them here! Cheers!

Hi Josh
The eComper works great for compiling video edits and video beats, because it is so fast and works so easy, but it has a downside: it doesn’t do any processing on the audio. The eComper does not actually ‘render’ a movie file, but rather ‘compile’ a movie file. Based on the order of MIDI notes in a MIDI clip it will copy/paste the video fragments assigned to those notes in the same order and save them as a new video file.
The eComper only takes the start point settings into account and ignores other settings, like the ADSR, velocity, pitch, audio effects, automation etc. When you use effects on the sound, or different velocity settings or want to avoid these pops/clicks, the best thing to do is to render the sound with Ableton’s audio export function and drag that audio into the ‘Drop audio to combine with video’ dropzone in the eComper’s interface. The eComper will then add this audio track to the video file that it compiles from the MIDI clip.

Thank you for all your posts! This is a good place for that, because other people might come across the same things and have the same questions.

Gotcha! Yeh I saw in the eComper that you can drop in an audio file…I figured that was the proper way to go!

For years Ive been trying to get around the pops/clicks when triggering video samples…EboSuite finally solves it! THANK YOU!

Super! Good to hear!