eClips Opacity slider not effective

Hey All!

So I did Collect & Save, which ended up crashing my Live set and upon reopening, lost the file path for all my ebosuite plugins.
Had to reload by hot swapping from the User Library.
Now, the eClips opacity slider has no effect on the video.
It’s responding to the envelope follower I have, and I’ve reloaded both the file and eClips. I’ve also closed the set and restarted my MBP.

Any suggestions?



When I recreate a whole new track and same setup, it works, and when I ply the clips individually they work. However, when I play by scene the videos do not respond to the sliders.


The crashing while CA&S and having to reload the plugins is a different matter.

I added an additional track, and it throws off the visuals somehow. I rearranged the order and they are now responding to the slider. Very weird!
I was able to recreate the problem and test it.

I know the right furthest clip is the top layer in visuals. But there’s no clip in the scene from this new track.

Hi Neeks, if you did collect all and save on a set you can undo that using the eDecollect app, see page 60 of the manual.

It is weird that collect all and save crashed your set, this sounds like an Ableton Bug.

Can you explain what you do in your set? some effects (like eFX-ISF and eBlend) can change the way opacity works for example.
What would help us find out what is going on is if you can share your set with us (e.g. via wetransfer)and make a screen recording of what you do and what doesn’t work the way you expect.
Could you send that to Thanks.

Timo, sorry for not sending it. I eventually got my project to perform fine.
Ive learned to uncheck the last two Collect All & Save options and my projects move fine in-between drives.

Glad you got it working! Cheers, Timo