eClips intermittently plays wrong video (1.5 and 1.51)

After updating to Ableton 10.1, eClips has suddenly began intermittently playing seemingly random videos located in other scenes, even though the correct video is triggered. Issue occurred on both 1.5 and 1.51. OS is High Sierra, Ableton 10.1, and all clips are HAP transcoded in mpeg streamclip. I can’t recreate the problem on a different computer with Mojave.

Is this an issue with High Sierra? How can I fix this?

Hi, sorry that you have encountered an issue. It is not a known issue for us and we cannot reproduce it here on the same OS version.
Let’s figure out what is going on on your system:

  • Does it happen when making a track and/or after loading a saved track?
  • Does it start after deleting/moving tracks?
  • Do you use the Max version that is bundled with your Live version?
  • Does eClips simply play the wrong video, or do you see a flash of a wrong video?
  • Does the incorrect video correspond with a different file or with a clip that plays a differet part of the same file?
  • Does it help to close and restart the EboSuite application?
  • when you rightclick on an EboSuite device title and select ‘open max window’ does it show any errors/messages?
    I hope the answers to these questions help us point into the direction of what is actually going on on your end.