Eclip video continuity

Hi, one more suggestion could be the continuity option in eClips, for example … once you change the clips in the master from one scene to another, have the option of continuity of the selected eclips (play eClip, change of scene, continuous from where I was eClip) I do not know if it’s possible, I’m thinking about more things and sorry for not pointing them all on a list but they occur to me in bed when I’m almost asleep :slight_smile:

Hi vds, Im not sure if I understand your idea completely, could you explain it a bit more?
Did you try out the Launch and Legato options in the Clip View?

Oh sure!! I did not have it in loop mode and that’s why it did not work for me, thanks! if some day you are in Barcelona I invite you to some beers !!

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Sounds good! :slight_smile: