Eclip manual opacity slider issue


Hi All

is anyone using manual opacity for eclips much? Im using it quite a bit and im finding it to be a bit buggy. I will often get a black screen for an eclip track that has manual opacity set even though the eclip opacity ‘slider’ is on 100% (volume slider on track is on zero). It should be showing video but it isnt.

If i just click on the dot on the eclip device slider, the video shows up again. I dont even move the slider. i am having to do this multiple times and sometimes when i click on the opacity slider, ebosuite will crash ableton. I can’t make this happen all the time though so im not sure what is causing it.

It seems like ebosuite is not consistently recognising the position of the eclip slider when its in manual mode. touching the slider seems to wake it up?


Hi Clay
I haven’t been able to reproduce this issue yet. Is this parameter automated or mapped to a controller?

@community: Are more users experiencing this issue?

About the crash: there is a known vulnerability in Max for Live that Live can crash when you make a UI element active. We can’t solve this, since it is an Ableton issue, but we are keeping an eye on it. We think this is the crash you have observed.


yes i couldnt make it happen today either but it kept stopping me the other day so i thought i would check if others are seeing this too. i just seem to be getting a lot of crashes and weird behaviour with ebosuite.

and no the parameter isnt automated or mapped. will keep checking on this and if it happens again i will video it.


Hi Clay, Im sorry to hear that you are having problems using EboSuite. Maybe we should plan a Skype session and have a closer look at your set-up. Can you mail us more info about your set-up (hardware specs (screenshot of the About window), Ableton, OSX and Max version etc.)? Maybe that gives us a clue. Please mail that info to Thanks!


I got this issue too


Ai. We’ll look into it. Thanks for reporting!


Does Clay use the lfo tool in his set? I do, and i know sometimes it makes unrelated things buggy.


no i dont use the LFO tool


Yes Jeroen,

I have the same issue. After loading a project the slider state seems to be forgotten. This happens not for all sliders and not any time. After clicking on the slider (with slightly changing the value) the state gets restored.



Ah, thanks for reporting. We will pick this issue up after the release of the next update. We will release that update very soon. Cheers!