EboSuite trial not installing


Yesterday I downloaded the trial and now I tried to install it. I got the latest version of ableton live 10 Suite and when I open the 2 Open this Live set to install EboSuite.als file, nothing really happens in my ableton. I got a user library set as well. But the manual says ableton should close and give a pop-up that it will install it, but I got nothing.

Any ideas what I could be doing wrong?

  • Veronique

Hi Veronique, you are using Windows. EboSuite is Mac-only currently. Please sent an email to contact@ebosuite.com if you like us to add you to the mailinglist, so we can notify you when we know more about the Windows version. Cheers

Hi, Jeroen
I have the same problem and i´m in Mac Osx 10.13.6 / live 10.1 / Max 8
And library is set as well. Can you help me?

Hi Leix, does the installer show an error message? Are you logged in as administrator?
You can also do a manual installation. You’ll find the manual installation files here:

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The installer always says Installation package missing, please re-download EboSuite and try again
downloaded a new one and same missage
I´ll try the manual install, thanks!

Ai, that is strange. Is the ‘Install Data.pkg’ file present in the Data folder in the EboSuite installer folder? I guess the manual installation will work for you, but it is still interesting to find out what happened in your case.