Ebosuite doesn't work with the first Live 11 beta compatible with Apple Silicon

It says needed to run under roseta on the .amxd files

sysaudio: could not load due to incorrect architecture
vt: could not load due to incorrect architecture
userlib: could not load due to incorrect architecture
shell: could not load due to incorrect architecture
jit.viddll.engine: could not load due to incorrect architecture

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Yes indeed, all EboSuite externals need to be updated before they will work natively on Apple Silicon.
I can’t give you a time estimate yet, but it is definitely on our radar.

These 2 are odd though, those are provided by cycling themselves and should be up to date with that Live version:

sysaudio: could not load due to incorrect architecture
jit.viddll.engine: could not load due to incorrect architecture

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So Ableton is the one who needs to update this library? If so tell me so I can contact them to do that. Hope soon all Native and flying on the M1 :pray:t2:

Well, from this log it seems that both EboSuite’s max externals and some of Cycling’74’s factory objects need an update, but I am not completely sure.

I have this problem too, I load on the other beta non M1 my live set and it says this. The presets are ok on the user library and if I try to reload it doesn’t works

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Same. If I open in Rosetta, I get the same message than you Ales.
It might be a Beta problem though.

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I’m so tired with this things…I only want to make music and use my apps

hey guys, sorry about the puzzles, and sorry for the silence here (been occupied with a bunch of other things)
I will need to compile our externals for the M1 to make it work properly in ‘silicon mode’, I hope to have time for that soon.
However the issues you guys get in Rosetta mode are a bit puzzling.

What we do is look for the library.cfg file to find out what the current library is.
That is located in
Macintosh HD⁩ ▸ ⁨Users⁩ ▸ ⁨[username] ▸ ⁨Library⁩ ▸ ⁨Preferences⁩ ▸ ⁨Ableton⁩ ▸ ⁨[your live version]

  1. Can you check if there really is a Library.cfg for the version of live that you are running?
    (when I upgraded to 11.0.11 I also got this error, I saw the library.cfg file was missing but when I restarted live it magically appeared when I was looking at the folder, after that is was fine for me)
    If there is one missing you can try to copy a file from an older version of live there and see if EboSuite works ok then.
  2. what is your exact version of live? and is there a folder with that exact name?
  3. can you try to add this device to a track:
    getLiveVersion.amxd.zip (25.7 KB)
    Does the Live version that this app prints in the interface correspond to the current Live version and the name of the folder in preferences? (if not a hack would be to create a folder with the name ‘Live’+version from this device and place a library.cfg file in it)
  4. you talk about the beta, but is the latest release version 11.0.11 running ok?

I hope this will shed some light to what is going on/wrong with the latest beta in Rosetta mode

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I think is a beta not silicon problem only. The live 11.0.11 works fine ebosuite I installed It now to test and it works :S.

I’ll use only the silicon beta and to use visuals for now the live normal version.

glad it works with the release version
(it would also help us if you have time to find out what is going wrong with the Beta)

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Yes of course, hope everything works Native soon :pray:t2:

Hello, indeed all the beta versions of Live 11 do not work with Ebo … Only ok with the “official” version 11.0.11 available on the Ableton site

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I upgraded from an Intel Mac to a M1 Max last week. I’m pleased with the performance of EboSuite under Rosetta using Live 11.0.11 also running under Rosetta. I can confirm that EboSuite does not work with Live 11.1b5 which is the first version of Live that runs natively on Apple M1 processors. Also, this running on macOS Monterey so all is good there as well.

Is there an estimate as to when EboSuite will be M1 compatible?

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Hi Joe,
We are optimising EboSuite for native M1 and for Live 11.1 now, but I can’t say when that will be finished. Soon I hope. Are you available to help us with beta testing this version of EboSuite? That would help us to optimise EboSuite even better.

Yes, happy to beta test.
Let me know how to proceed.

Ah great, thanks! Can you send an email to contact@ebosuite.com, so I can add you to the beta test list?

Send you a mail too for testing