Ebosuite crash on opening project

Newbie here. I have a show set up for next week. Each “song/scene” has its own video, as a single long note in eSampler. See Below. Everything is great until I close Live and re-open the set. Ableton works fine, but I get the spinning ball of death in Ebosuite and I have to force quit. The only way to get the show to work again is to reload each video back into eSampler individually.

I’m wondering if ES is just taking forever to load the files? There are 11 mp4s, all 720p, totalling 3286MB

MBP M3Pro, 36G Ram 1TB drive

Well, I think I solved it! Batch AVF, Convert everything to HAP. WILL KEEP YOU POSTED.

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Hi Spoonbender, what codec were you using before? H264? choosing the right video codec is important for a performance. We strongly recommend Hap or ProRes. I personally prefer ProRes on my M1. The M1, M2 and M3 work very well with ProRes, but Hap is a good choice Hap as well.

You can use the eConvert plug-in to convert your videos into Hap/ProRes or you can do it in the eSampler, in the File Region Editor. The eSampler will replace the file automatically and you can continu working while it’s converting.

I am curious why you are using the eSampler to play long videos in Session View and not the eSession plug-in, why do you prefer to do it this way?

Because I’m a newbie and have no idea what I’m doing! I did an hour show last weekend with full Ebosuite video. Each song in Session view had its own video file triggered by a Drum Rack pad linked to a video in eSampler. No realtime editing. (I have to play keyboards) It worked great but please tell me there’s a more elegant way to do this.

OK. Ya got me. That IS a way more elegant way to do it. I just set it up for my next gig.


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Super. Let us know when you need more help. Good luck with your next show! Cheers