Ebosuite app crashes when loading video into eSampler

Topic says it all. Crash dump information added in Crash on video load in eSampler - Pastebin.com

The video in question is a standard MOV coming from an iPhone.

Hi Tobias, The crash happens because you are using OSX 10.11.6. The installation requirements for EboSuite are: Mac OS 10.12+, Ableton Live 9.5+ (64 bit preferred), Max for Live 7.2+ (see https://ebosuite.com/product/ebosuite-full/ ).
You might be able to work without problems with EboSuite in OSX 10.11.6 when you use only the Hap video codec, but I cannot guarantee that. If you update your OS EboSuite will work without problems and you will be able to use different video codecs besides Hap.

Ah! I completely missed that. Have been stuck on 10.11 for some legacy reasons, but it’s time to go back to the future now. Thanks for the really quick reply :slight_smile:

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