Ebosuite and Vizzable?

Is it possible to use ebosuite and vizzable together somehow? I love the functionalibty and options available in each program but wish there was a way to combine the two

Does Vizzable have a Sypon in/out plug-in? The next EboSuite update will add a Syphon-in plug-in (a Syphon-out plug-in is already included), so you can then easily send and receive video streams to or from other applications (like Vizzable).

The only problem with Vizzable is that is not working properly on the last versions of max ( the dev is not updating the devices anymore). I think it would be a good idea taking some device ideas from Vizzable but not necessarily use it with ebosuite. Ebosuite has a lot of Fx devices already but it is true that some of the generator or FX devices (midi grid device for exemple) are super useful! I will personally use more Zwobot device with ebosuite. The two best video packs for ableton available! Cheers!

Hi Owea.ga, we working on more eFX/generators, I hope you will enjoy them. You are welcome to send us ideas and requests for eFX/generators, maybe we can include them.

It does have syphon but for some reason does not work with ebosuite. Possibly I am doing something wrong though. I like the potential of Ebosuite but the implementation and learning curve are frustrating. I find Vizzable much easier to use and I like the quality of the effects however it is quite buggy and lacks the hi-def quality of Ebosuite. The Gangraf functions in Vizzable are super handy and all of the effects are super functional and easy to incorporate with time synced LFOs for possibilities and psychedelic potential.

You should be able to route the video from one application to another using Syphon. Let us know when you can’t get that to work. Do you have time for a Skype session, so I can ask you a few questions about your experiences with EboSuite? We are interested in your feedback to improve the implementation and learning curve.

Hi there,

Some very nice visuals are being made because of this awesome product. But I have a problem: the SyphonIn doesnt recgonize the VIZZable syphonserver. Am i missing something?


Hi Brandsi, good to hear that you are having fun using EboSuite. We’ll do some tests with EboSuite and Vizzable and get back to you soon.

Ah thanks for reacting. =)

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