EboSuite 1.71 (release date 2020-09-09)

This update brings the following new additions/fixes:

  • added option to set and remember the GPU (or eGPU) to use with EboSuite
  • eSampler: 2 new tempo-based slice methods: 1/4 Beats and 1/8 Beats. Slices are created on every 1/4th beat, according to Live’s BPM setting (see Manual page 21). Useful to automatically create slices on beat. You can also use these slice modes to play long video files more easily and to do basic video editing on tracks (like videos on audio tracks in Arrangement View) (see Manual page 22).
  • updated eDecollect, a tool to undo the effects of ‘collect all and save’ for EboSuite devices (not included in the installer, see the manual for download link)
  • added missing files to eClips and eOutput
  • various minor fixes, UI tweaks, and workflow improvements

Download the updated installer here.

Or if you prefer to install this update manually, download the manual installation files here.


This is great. Would love the slicing option to include smaller divisions like 16th notes and even 32nd notes too in future, although I guess this could be achieved currently by just doubling the project tempo when slicing. The reason for me would be to allow easy slicing of material that I would want to chop up and then trigger/play rhythmically in those subdivisions, assigned across multiple MIDI notes, pads or drums.

thanks for your feedback. Yes, we plan to elaborate on this feature in the future. In the meantime doubling the tempo is indeed a good workaround, cheers, Timo

*download link error 10/11/20

Can you download it? I get a warning (not sure why, will look into it), but I can download it.

yes tried it again and it let me download. before there was no option to “keep”
but it downloaded. thank you