EboSuite 1.62 (release date 2019-12-18)

This update brings the following new additions/fixes:

  • ‘Enable Stream’ parameter is now automatable in the eVideoIn plug-in

  • fix for occasional visual ‘flickering’ after manually resizing the output window

  • fix for crash when permission to use the camera was not enabled for the eVideoIn plug-in yet

  • the video output window is now ‘Always On Top’ by default (turn this off in the main EboSuite menu or with the eOutput plug-in)

  • fix for the eCrossfade plug-in’s buffer

  • fix for eClips: maximum amount of scenes was capped at 128, should be 256

  • fix for retina on Mac OS Catalina

Download the updated installer here .

Or if you prefer to install this update manually, download the manual installation files here .