EboSuite 1.6 (release date 2019-11-07)

This update brings the following new additions :

  • Slicing Playback Mode in the eSampler - this mode non-destructively slices the sample so that the individual slices can be played back chromatically. You can create slices manually or use audio analysis or stored Warp Markers or transients to create slices automatically (see Manual page 21).

  • Freeze Time in the eSampler - freezes the first or last frame of a sample when playback is finished. Set the freeze time between 0 - 1000 ms or indefinitely (see Manual page 23).

  • VOffset - change the synchronicity between the audio and video track of a sample to correct an error in synchronicity or for artistic reasons (see Manual page 23).

  • Improved waveform zooming in the eSampler.

  • On start-up automatically a notification will be shown when a newer EboSuite version is available.

  • eConvert makes a copy of the .asd file when an entire file is converted, so Warp Markers and other settings are preserved.

  • After installation, the installer will open a simple demo project in Ableton Live (optional).

  • Added support for 60 fps videos.

  • Improved ISF support.

  • 100 shaders are added to the Standard ISF folder (now containing 250 in total). Some existing shaders are updated and might work slightly different. If this causes a problem you can download the old Standard ISF folder here.

  • Fixed bug - issues with the Linking feature of the eSampler.

  • Fixed bug - eSyphonOut didn’t work properly on the master track.

  • Fixed bug - loading an image file in ram in the eSampler led to a crash.

  • Fixed bug - issues with opacity setting when a track is muted/unmuted.

  • Fixed bug - EboSuite application didn’t always close when Ableton Live was closed.

  • Fixed bug - occasional glitch on the 1st frame when H264 video was played with eClips plug-in.

Download the updated installer here.

Or if you prefer to install this update manually, download the manual installation files here.


Slices !!! You guys Rock !!! :heart_eyes::sunglasses::heart_eyes:

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Always a great day waking up to a new EboSuite update :slightly_smiling_face:


waaauuu!!! thanks !!:heart_eyes:

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