EboSuite 1.32 (release date 2018-11-13)

This update brings the following new additions:

  • ePoly plug-in for polyphonic/polyscopic compositions (see Manual page 27).
    Watch the tutorial video here.
  • Option to load video into RAM added to the eSampler (see Manual page 23).
  • Convert video to Hap within the eSampler. (see Manual page 22).
    Watch the tutorial video here.
  • Improved playback of non-Hap videos
  • Improved time labels in eSampler display
  • Improved CPU usage when tuning is enabled in eSampler
  • Fixed issue with loading files of projects made before version 1.31
  • Better handling of missing files
  • Fixed issue that caused Ableton to crash when quitting in specific cases
  • eComper now compatible with non-Hap files
  • … many more improvements ‘under the hood’

Download the updated installer here.

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hi, the installer is not working. it says ebo does not allow to install on this location. i used this:
user/music/ableton/user library… before i had a different location it did not work, the installer gave the same info: ebo does not allow to install on this location. then i copied the user library to the location mentioned in your info-file. but not working… please help

Ai, can you send us a screenshot of the error message? Please mail it to contact@ebosuite.com.
You can do a manual installation. It is not difficult. Download the installation files and a manual installation guide here: http://www.ebostudio.info/EboSuite/EboSuite_Manual_Installation_files.zip

Can’t wait to check this out. Those are some serious enhancements.

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