EboSuite 1.31 (release date 2018-08-13)

This update brings the following new additions:

  • Support for image files
  • eSampler linking (see Manual page 22).
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Is this update already for download @ Isotonik ?

No, not yet, but soon will be :slight_smile:

ah ok :wink: … I downloaded already lol … but I didn’t see 1.31 version mentioned :wink:

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When I try to install update 1.3.1 in a multi-user environment (Ableton library in shared user) the new installer broke Ableton and i have to reset it.
Can you help me?
When I hit directly from Finder in “2 Open this Live set to install EboSuite.als” and then I had this two messages and ableton freezes forever in presentation screen.

New users can only post 1 image, so my second message was similar to first, but with the “VstScanInfo64.cfg”