EboSuite 1.3 (release date 2018-08-08)

This update brings the following new additions:

  • Support for more video codecs, like Hap, H264, ProRes, Photo-JPEG, DV, MPEG-4 etc.
    Note: using another codec then Hap might have an impact on the performance of EboSuite. Please read the section about video codecs in the Manual (page 11).
  • Control playback speed in real time in the eSampler (see Manual page 17).

Sweet! Thank you! I’m hoping Resolume DXV files work too. (Fingers crossed!)

Hi Jeroen, I have serious performance issues with the new version with existing projects. All videos are in HAP codec but now I only get stuttering videos. I am using 8 tracks with some effects on a iMac 5k with 40GB RAM and 4,2 GHz Intel Core i7. So the hardware should not be an issue. The previous version worked smoothly regarding performance. Any ideas?

Ai, thats interesting. We didnt change the Hap playback system, so it is very interesting to find out what is going on. I’ll check with the team what would be the best way to find that out. Can you mail us at contact@ebosuite.com then we can send you more detailed advice.

For now I recommend to use the previous version. Would you like me to send you the installer for that version?

Thanks! Email sent. I have archived the previous installers. V 1.2 works again.

I’ve just installed Ebosuite1.3. MP4s seem to be working great in the sampler without converting but I can’t seem to get photo jpegs to work at all. Do I just drag them in to the sampler window like videos? Thanks!

Hi MNDMTH, Do you mean photo jpeg images? 1.3 adds support for photo jpeg video, not images. 1.31 will add support for image files (and eSampler linking). So then you can load photo jpg images (and .png etc) in the eSampler and in eClips. We will release that update tomorrow or Tuesday, so you dont have to wait long for that feature.

Yes, sorry my misunderstanding. I was looking to import still images. That’s perfect. Look forward to the update. Thanks for getting back to me.

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