Ebo Suite not in correct user library

Ebo Suite is in the correct user library but I’m still getting a notification on the plugin that says it’s not located in the correct one…can anyone help with this?

hi Von,

Sorry to hear about your troubles, let’s find out what is happening.
This message pops up if:

  • The EboSuite files are not in the EboSuite subfolder of the user library of the Ableton Live that is running.
    (this means you cannot freely move the files or rename the folder, and with the installation itself you need to open the .als with the Ableton version you want to use if they have different user libraries)

  • Your harddisk is formatted case sensitive.
    You can check this by opening a terminal and entering diskutil info / , look for the File System Personality,Type (Bundle), Name (User Visible) keys
    (a fix for this will be included in the next EboSuite version, but I can also talk you through how to get it working right now)

  • Or something else is going on that we are not aware of, in that case, let’s schedule a skype meeting to sort this.